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 Export Products: Steel, Flat Steel, Flat Steels, Acidified Flat Steel, Picked Flat Steel, Painted Flat Steel, Painted Flat Steels, Galvanized Flat Steel, Galvanized Flat Steels, Rolled Flat Steel, Rolled Flat Steels, Hot Rolled Steel, Hot Rolled Steels, Cold Rolled Steel, Cold Rolled Steels, Acidified Flat Steels, Picked Flat Steels, Rectengular Profile, Square Profile, C Profile, L Profile, U Profile, V Profile, Z Profile, Custom Made Profile, Rectengular Section, Square Section, Rectengular Hollow Section, Custom Made Section, I Beam, U Beam, H Beam, T Profile, L Angle, Steel Bar, Deformed Bar, Deformed Steel Bar, Rebar, Steel Rebar, Round Bar, Round Steel Bar, Square Rod, Square Sq, Round Rod, Hectagon Rod, Flat Rod, Wire Rod, Flat Strip, Strip Coil, Steel Strip Coil, Water Pipe, Gas Pipe, Industrial Pipe, Galvanized Pipe, Spirally Welded Pipe, Cold Rolled Sheet Pile, U Sheet Pile, Z Sheet Pile, Steel U Sheet Pile, Steel Z Sheet Pile, Hot Rolled Steel Coil, Hot Rolled Coil, Cold Rolled Steel Coil, Cold Rolled Coil, Galvanized Coils, Galvalume Coils, Painted Coils, Painted Galvanized Coils, Pickled Hot Rolled Steel, Tinplate, Hot Rolled Steel Coil Hrc, Hot Rolled Coil Hrc, Cold Rolled Coil Ccr, Galvanized Coil Gi, Galvalume Coil Gl, Painted Coil Ppgi, Painted Galvanized Coil Ppgi, Hot Rolled Steel Plate, Hot Rolled Plate, Hot Rolled Steel Sheet, Hot Rolled Sheet, Cold Rolled Steel Plate, Cold Rolled Plate, Cold Rolled Steel Sheet, Cold Rolled Sheet, Galvanized Plates, Galvanized Sheet, Trapeze Sheet, Sliced Sheet, Grooved Sheet, Embossed Sheet, Hot Rolled Steel Strip, Cold Rolled Steel Strip, Galvanized Steel Strip, Cast Iron, Forged Iron, Ingot, Iron Ingot, Steel Ingot, Billet, Steel Billet, Steel Slab, Pig Iron, Used Rail, Profile, Beam
Iron Steel
Trapeze Forms
Hot Rolled Flat Steel
Sheet Pile
Open and Hollow Profile / Section
Corrugating Line
Acidified Flat Steel (HRP-PO)
Steel Coil, SteelPlate, Steel Strip
Transformer Finwalls
Cold Rolled Flat Steel (CCR)

About Us


Our firm supported by the 41 years of know-how and experience, is now giving service in the sector with a fresh profile of Mega Istanbul Yapi Yatirim A.S. Our machine parcure are shaping steel with the maximum values that are continuously improving backed with latest technological improvements and Research & Development. Today we are at your service with four slitting lines , three cut to length lines and 1 corrugation line with the total tonnage of 651.000 capacity. We are at your service with 15.000 m2 space consisting of 10.000 covered and 5.000 m2 open area. With a stock of 20.000 tons of various types and qualities, we are responding to the your demands in a win&win mentality. Our ultimate goal is to find long-term and trustful and valuable business partners around the globe.



“Cumhuriyet Mah. Ferman Cad. No: 8, Yakacık, Kartal, İstanbul, Turkiye”

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